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Pulp & Paper: Credit - The industry average of the financial index of 100 or more kinds are listed.

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Pulp & Paper: Credit 【Last Update】 2014-01-28

Cash etc.18 Bil26
Accounts receivable-trade42 Bil26
Inventories24 Bil26
Other receivables19 Bil1
Other Current Assets75 Bil26
Current Assets94 Bil26
Tangible Assets125 Bil26
Goodwill16 Bil11
Intangible Assets9 Bil26
Investment etc.30 Bil26
Total Assets259 Bil26
Sales195 Bil26
Gross profit46 Bil26
Other income4 Bil26
Interest income135 Mil25
Non-operating income2 Bil26
Ordinary Income7 Bil26
Extraordinary income1 Bil24
Income before income taxes5 Bil26
Net income3 Bil26
Operating income8 Bil26
EBIT7 Bil26
EBITDA18 Bil26
NOPAT4 Bil26
Cost of Sales148 Bil26
SG&A38 Bil26
Interest expenses1 Bil25
Depreciation11 Bil26
R&D expenses511 Mil3
Non-operating expenses3 Bil26
Extraordinary loss3 Bil25
Other expenses9 Bil26
Income taxes2 Bil26

Growth rate of cash14.14%25
Equity growth7.04%25
Total assets growth3.81%25
Sales growth0.30%25
Net profit growth1,093.16%25
Operating C/F growth136.52%25
Recurring profit growth20.29%25
EBIT growth170.90%25
EBITDA growth20.49%25
NOPAT growth170.90%25

Cash turnover45.30day26
Receivables turnover85.73day26
Inventory turnover44.26day26
Fixed assets turnover190.84day26
Total asset turnover434.22day26
Payable turnover58.06day26
Capital turnover35.82day26
Equity turnover188.43day26
Working capita turnover71.92day26

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*Financial data might be different from the actual one. Please confirm the original, and read Guide.

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* The industry average of the financial index of 100 or more kinds are prepared.

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