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Machinery: Credit - The industry average of the financial index of 100 or more kinds are listed.

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Machinery: Credit 【Last Update】 2014-01-28

Cash etc.20 Bil169
Accounts receivable-trade26 Bil168
Inventories19 Bil165
Prepaid expenses54 Mil5
Other receivables2 Bil14
Other Current Assets59 Bil169
Current Assets80 Bil169
Tangible Assets36 Bil169
Goodwill14 Bil55
Intangible Assets8 Bil169
Investment etc.25 Bil169
Total Assets149 Bil169
Sales114 Bil169
Gross profit26 Bil169
Other income2 Bil169
Interest income228 Mil168
Non-operating income1 Bil169
Ordinary Income7 Bil169
Extraordinary income513 Mil153
Income before income taxes6 Bil169
Net income4 Bil169
Operating income6 Bil169
EBIT7 Bil169
EBITDA11 Bil169
NOPAT4 Bil169
Cost of Sales88 Bil169
SG&A19 Bil169
Interest expenses521 Mil162
Depreciation4 Bil169
R&D expenses4 Bil20
Non-operating expenses1 Bil169
Extraordinary loss992 Mil162
Other expenses4 Bil169
Income taxes2 Bil169

Cash Flow
Operating CF8 Bil169
Investment CF-9 Bil169
Financial CF87 Mil169
Foreign Exchange Effects896 Mil157
Net Change in Cash698 Mil169
Free CF-221 Mil169
Free CF+14 Bil169
Cash dividends paid-1 Bil160
Increasing working capital-920 Mil169
Capital expenditures-6 Bil169
Sale of equipment409 Mil148
Depreciation4 Bil169
Repayment loans-5 Bil139
Net profit margin2.90%169
C/F margin6.44%169
Recurring margin5.84%169
EBIT margin5.58%169
EBITDA margin9.04%169
NOPAT margin3.35%169
Sales SG rates74.62%169
Sales SG&A rates20.36%169
Sales R&D expenses rates0.19%169
Sales depreciation rates3.45%169
Capital expenditures net sales ratio-3.72%169
Growth rate of cash14.97%168
Equity growth9.18%168
Total assets growth5.37%168
Sales growth3.14%168
Net profit growth24.96%168
Operating C/F growth216.75%168
Recurring profit growth23.16%168
EBIT growth24.99%168
EBITDA growth34.66%168
NOPAT growth24.99%168

Cash turnover97.58day169
Receivables turnover109.93day169
Inventory turnover71.12day169
Fixed assets turnover134.85day169
Total asset turnover512.46day169
Payable turnover58.15day169
Capital turnover69.78day169
Equity turnover291.31day169
Working capita turnover122.89day169

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