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Hotel: Credit - The industry average of the financial index of 100 or more kinds are listed.

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Hotel: Credit 【Last Update】 2014-01-28

Sales44 Bil7
Gross profit12 Bil7
Other income573 Mil7
Interest income11 Mil7
Non-operating income372 Mil7
Ordinary Income925 Mil7
Extraordinary income226 Mil6
Income before income taxes-7
Net income-457 Mil7
Operating income1 Bil7
EBIT733 Mil7
NOPAT440 Mil7

Cash turnover40.36day7
Receivables turnover27.47day7
Inventory turnover3.43day7
Fixed assets turnover533.24day7
Total asset turnover730.59day7
Payable turnover8.48day7
Capital turnover60.83day7
Equity turnover154.70day7
Working capita turnover22.43day7

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* The industry average of the financial index of 100 or more kinds are prepared.

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